VeggieWorld & NewProtein China -- Dedicated Exhibition & Conference for plant-based & new protein business in China

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VeggieWorld - the world's oldest and largest professional plant-based productsexhibition. The first VeggieWorld was held in Germany in 2011 and was unanimouslyrecognized by the industry.With the rapid development and growth of the global industry,it has gradually expanded to 19 cities across 11 European countries andregions. VeggieWorld continues to increase in scale and scope, and its productsand forms are becoming more and more diversified. It has become a well-knownbrand and benchmark for plant-based product exhibitions.


VeggieWorld& NewProtein China has been in China for six years by now and has held seven exhibitions,forums and related activities. lt has become the only professional exhibition inChina which focusing on the plant-based and new protein industries. We aim to createa professional communication and trade platform in China and the world, thesame time display leading plant-based products and life concepts from all overthe world to everyone.


During the show nearly 200 leading companies of plant-based andnew protein brands from more than 20 countries and regions around the worldwill showcase the latest products, technologies and services, including plant-based meat, plant-based milk, plant-based seafood, plant-based eggs, and newproteins food, vegetarian chocolate, vegetarian cosmetics, superfoods and otherlow-carbon, healthy and sustainable products.


Also the professional conference �C NewProtein China Forum��continues to exert itsappeal and influence in the new protein industry, and the organizer will invite 200 top industry leaders, industry authorities, scientific research institutions, financial investment, regulators and other units from around the world to gather together to share and discuss the latest technologies, products and trends, At the same time, it combines supermarkets, hotels, catering, medical care and other consumer fields to jointly cultivate theconsumer market and help enterprises obtain more high-value cooperation opportunities and marketinformation. Main topics include: -- Cell-based Business Session;
-- Fermentation and FungiBusiness Session;
-- Insect Protein Business Session;
-- Plant-based Business Session;
-- Start-ups & Investors Session,etc.


Experts from regulatory agencies, academic, investment institutions, leading companies and innovative companies explained their opinions and predictions of the industry.


We look forward to your joining and jointly promote the healthy andrapid development of the new protein industry!